Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lucky Number 13

Here we are enjoying a Mai Tai at "Stinger Ray's
in the Honolulu airport, it's a tradition. 
 It was a long 5 and a half hour flight over the Pacific Ocean but Woo Hoo we made it! 
 This was my 13th trip over to Hawaii
so it had to be a lucky flight, right?
Let the goodtimes begin! Aloha...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Mermaids of Allerton Garden

If you have a chance to visit the beautiful isle of Kauai be sure to fit in a tour of Allerton Garden.
 It is a must see!

*Here's just a little history on the two mermaids
 that stand in the garden...

The owners Robert and John Gregg Allerton visited the World’s Fair in 1939 where they noticed two statues of mermaids standing
on each side of the door to a restaurant in the Italian pavilion.
 These statures were originally indirect lighting fixtures
 in the luxury steamship liner Columbus,
 sculpted by L. Andreotti in 1931.

Robert Allerton was so intrigued with the statues that he visited the Italian consul in New York where he asked to have duplicates made in bronze. Permission was granted and Robert made a down payment. Even though WW Two intervened, the statues did arrive in the Port of Baltimore during the middle of the war!  
For a while, the Allertons had the statues at their Illinois estate.
 They then decided to ship them to Kauai and designed a water feature for the statues.

The mermaids differ from one another in some details.
The eastern one has both arms raised
 to support the vase on her head,
 while the one on the west
(with her back to the Lawai stream)
has her right arm akimbo.

The watercourse between the two mermaids was inspired by one at the Casino Garden,
located in the Villa Farnese in Caprarola, Italy.  

"I would like to say mahalo to Wendy Rausch,
for taking time to send me this information."
This is Wendy on the job!

Friday, December 18, 2009

A Visit to the Oldest Catholic Church in Kauai "Saint Raphael"

I'm not religious,
I just love little old churches...

So on one very hot Kauaiian afternoon,
 just outside of Koloa Town...

We happened upon Saint Raphael's,
the oldest Catholic church in Kauai.

We walked leisurely around the old church ruins...

We soon discovered we were the only humans there...
other than the ones in the graveyard

~peaceful and tranquil~

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Hawaiian Style Cafe

After a few too many 5 star breakfasts it was time to visit
the famous and very popular "Hawaiian Style Cafe."
I'm pretty sure every tourist that asks a local where
the best breakfast is served is told to eat here.
So on one of those "precious and idyllic" Big Island mornings
we hopped in our rental car and headed
Northeast on highway 19 to Waimea.
OK, I'll admit I was feeling a little car sick
because I hadn't eaten breakfast,
so of course I couldn't wait to take in the local flavor....
If you know me you know I truly enjoy
searching out and eating
at local dives as much as any well-traveled tourist.
I knew we were headed for a cafe that is one of those rare finds
and the size of the meals were going to be huge,
no exaggeration!
Just the way we Americans like things, right?

OK, but what about ambiance and presentation....
forget about it!
The Big Island Revealed Book
(the bible for the Hawaiian traveler) says...
"Looks like a dive on the outside,
then again looks like a dive on the inside" they also say...
"Probably the best deal on the island
when it comes to quantity and heartiness"
As you can see they are correct!

My husband's meal arrived first and it was perfect,
just the way my big guy likes it!
His massive omelet was oozing with sausage, bacon, ham
and who knows what else.
It was served with crispy hash browns and a
mammoth stack of pancakes.
Me, I had to wait a while longer ......
Finally it arrives. My plate was heaping with a mound of
extra crispy bacon and a massive amount of hash browns
but this means nothing to me
because I can't eat my over easy eggs with out my toast!
I just wanted my toast....

Yes, I admit I am a bit of a foodie so...
"That's all I'm going to say about that" !!!

All in all if you are ever in Waimea
and really want to experience local flavor,
The Hawaiian Style Cafe is for you.
Stop in, sit down and talkstory with the locals.
But come hungry!

"Please let me know if you have been here or are planning on it in the future,
 I would love to read your thoughts and comments!"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lucky Lumahai Surf Dog

If you know me you know I really love dogs!
So when I saw this Happy Black Lab and his owner
frolicking at Lumahai Beach of course I had to snap some photos.
I was so envious of these two, I would love to swim in the ocean with my dogs!

Those two had so much fun together and I had such fun watching .
I can't count how many times they played fetch.
Just think these two best friends live on one of the most Beautiful Tropical Islands in the world and they get to play fetch in that Big Blue Ocean when ever they feel the urge. If you live on Kauai and know these two,
tell them how lucky they are from me!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Tiki-Tacki Royal Kona Resort

Growing up in the late 1960's and 1970's
definitely sparked my interest for anything "Tiki".
For as long as I can remember I have had a thing for tiki style and decor.
So of course this place was near the top of my must see list on theBig Island of Hawaii.
It did not disappoint this Hawaii loving gal ....
It really is the epitome of Tiki Style!
The "Royal Kona Resort", was built in 1968.
Lobby only someone from the 1960's could dream up!
I kind of freaked out when I entered the hotel.
It really was like stepping back in time. Check out this groovy interior design......
It's filled with TIKI-TACKI everything! This resort definetly reflecks a by gone era. This tiki hangs at "Don the Beach Comber Bar" it's famous for excellent Mai Tai's. A must-have when at Don's! There's a tiki feast for the eye around every corner. What a beautiful location! The resort really does sit oceanfront on Kailua Bay Kona. What a view! It's a retro relic and I loved every inch of this old place! Let's hope the Royal Kona Resort keeps it's TIKI-TACKI decor forever!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm On The Big Island

Yes, it's true I'm on the Big Island.........
I've been here for a week and have a week to go.
I haven't been here since 1978.
Do you see the Honu?
It is so different from the other Hawaiian Islands that I have visited.
It's vastness blows my mind!
I feel the presence of Madame Pele, the fire goddess of Hawaii all around!
more later, I'm kind of busy;)